Freshly kitted out..
NW Cup #1- Port Angeles

My site is still messed up, sorry, still figuring it out

Pretty good turnout for all categories in PA. Think there were about 32 pro men, including some of Washington's finest; Bryn (part time), Strobel, Bart Mc Daniel, KT, Looch,, Grip of Canadians, Californians such as The American Dream Curtis Keene, Baloochi is out of retirement this year holding it down for Oregon now, so yeah, Everybody knows a NW regional is gonna be sweet, and it was:)

Some mud, roots, lots of turns, pretty long course 3+ min, high speeds, medium speeds, good breaking bumps and mud ruts to hit, finish line jump, what more could you ask for? rain? of course, lots of that. I quite enjoyed the trails; top section was really different from the middle and end, almost like three completely different tracks. King diamond trail is all loamy and rooty but narrow and fast, falcon punch was flatter and tighter but good turns, and the bottom was pretty hard packed with rocks mixed in.

There will be a National event on the same hill in a few weeks time, different trails though, so at least it was rad to get familiar with the scene and the dirt. Bryn has raced here a few times, but I had never ridden a DH bike on these trails, so I was all excited to get amongst it.

We built our new Tr450's in the week before, so those puppies are riding really well and took the big W for men's and Women's Pro DH classes! Transition had a strong local presence, and the fans were loving the new pit set up. Our team manager/team mate Lars hurt his hand and is outta commission for a couple weeks, but none the less we all rallied as a team and had a system going for everything. No water or electricity up there on the hill, so bike washing in the stream, and drying out by the fire pit, not bad at all.


Thanks to Transition Racing and our co-sponsors, Red Bull, Oakley...

Technical difficulties...
Wow!!!. About a month ago I was updating this site when my computer's hard drive crashed, trackpad broke, website quit working, camera wouldn't take photos, and my heart rate monitor said my heart was exploding at 200+. Mom said I had bad electromagnetic energy, so couldn't really argue that!!! Anyway, we are sorta back working, so look for current updates..
Pro Grt schedule

Pro gravity series schedule has been officially released. THere are quite a few top riders confirmed for a events, so for anyone who wants to bring American Racing back to the spotlight, do your part and attend!.

2010 USA Cycling Pro Mountain Bike Gravity Tour (Pro GRT)
April 24-25: Northwest Cup – Port Angeles, Wash.
May 22-23: Plattekill Gravity Open – Roxbury Bike Park, NY
June 26-27: Northstar-at-Tahoe – Truckee, Calif.
July 31-August 1: Trestle Bike Park (Crankworx Colorado) – Winterpark, Colo.
September 11-12: Whiteface 5th Annual 5K Downhill – Lake Placid, NY

Dirt series Clinics for Women

I will be coaching at two of the Dirt Series camps for women this in May near where I used to live in Northern California!! (MAY 1-2 in San Jose, CA and May 8-9 San Rafael, CA). If you would like some private instruction from myself or any of the other coaches, sign up quickly. It is a really fun experience and a chance to meet other female riders to progress your skills. Everyone can learn something; fundamentals, better turning, jumping, riding smoother, bike set up, etc. I had so much fun coaching last year coaching in Santa Cruz, that I came back for more. Candace and the ladies do a great job. It's important to me to be able to give back to the community:)

Check It-www.dirtseries.com

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Thredbo DH final

Well no lightning, but it did rail all day, and the race was on. They allowed everyone one practice run, on a drastically different course. New lines formed everywhere, ruts were deep, holes were deeper, visibility not so good, pedaling slow, flat, and tiring. But I'll tell you what, I had an awesome time in the mud hitting ruts and learning all kinds of new skills.

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Thredbo Aussie National- QUALI

Thredbo is part of the snowy mountains, which has the highest peak in Australia, Mt kosciusko-7,300ft. It's one of the few summer mountain bike venues that has a chairlift at a ski resort, so as you can imagine, it's a pretty popular place. (About 7 hrs drive from our place in the Blue Mountains, couple Hrs from Canberra I think), and open most of the summer. Really nice place, stream flowing though the village, ski lodges, nice trees and greenery, etc, most everyone enjoys this venue.

We are in the midst of Round 3 of the Aussie national series, had some really wet weather the last few days, all through practice, but a small break in the rain just for qualifying today. Visibility was a major issue all through practice, so it was about a thousand times better to actually be able to see. Dirt was decent, except in a couple spots, where the muck was deep and pretty hard to navigate through. The Maxxis cut spikes were the ticket, but I'm not sure that many Aussies would even own a set of wetscreams. Some were loving the conditions, and some were getting all slideways. Track is pretty well destroyed. Lots of holes, ruts, plenty of mud, super long effort 7min+....

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Descida das Escadas de Santos 2010.

Didn't even know it was going on, Brazilian DH street race:). Not sure who won, maybe Polc in the mens? and a local, Luana Oliveira?? in the Ladies..
Melissa Buhl
Mic Hannah
Long way to go in the off-season, but these kinds of events are pretty fun. They should advertise better.

Lame National Champion Jersey Rule

The UCI have agreed that in 2010 riders have to wear plain full National Champion jerseys again. Things are in motion, but I haven't quite seen an official petition. Worst rule ever, lets hope it gets overturned, being National Champion should be an honor, not a limitation...

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Dungey- Tuck n Roll

If you haven't seen Dungey's crash from last weekend's Supercross final in San Francisco, check this out...youtube. Pretty insane he walked away unscathed. Ninja.


Sorry for the lack of updates, just been busy training. Not much else to report. Downhilling is going awesome, loving every minute. Been super muddy though for a couple weeks. We are going to an Aussie National In Thredbo next weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Track is 6-7 minutes long, and been the same for like 10 years. My first time riding it though. Has chairlift access and the most amazing Ghost Gum trees on the ride up, should be sweet.

Australian open- Tennis

Roger Federer made a fan out of me last night with his win at the Australian Open !!. Kinda hard to cheer for his opponent who looked like this- , too ugly :). Guess I haven't really watched closely enough in the past, but jeese Federer is talented and mentally fierce. Best interviews as well, people take notes!!:) Cool as a cucumber. I used to play tennis in School, such an awesome game:)

TEAM USA Snowboard

Stoked to see a few homies made the USA Olympic team for Vancouver! One big name missing from the SBX though:( Should be an exciting Olympics, USA Halfpipe sweep?? My old OTC neighbor Tyler Jewell Made it for Parallel slalom, sooo stoked for him!!!

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Lindsey Vonn

Fellow Red Bull Athlete, Lindsey Vonn is tearing it up on World Cup Alpine Ski Circuit, Think she has won 7 World Cup races this season alone. She is the US superstar for Vancouver. Hopefully Bode Miller gets in there too, he took his first win in over 2 years recently :). 21 days till Vancouver...

Pet Peek

Pretty funny. So pups can see who's coming and stop their yapping? Called a pet peek. Almost as good as the homemade doggie tree fort I saw walking around the neighborhood. Had a little ramp and a platform so the dog could see over the fence from the tree.


DH RESULTS Looks like our favorite Canadistralian DH couple took victories at the Aussie National Champs. Anyway congrats to the Kovariks, Claire is Canadian, so the ladies title went to the first Aussie- Claire Whiteman. Rotorburn.com . Wish I was there, sounded like a good day of riding:(
1. Chris Kovarik 1:56.03
2. Shaun O’Connor 1:57.52
3. Joshua Button 1:57.58

1. Claire Buchar 2:18.46
2. Leigh Douglas 2:26.71
3. Claire Whiteman 2:31.89

AUS Natl Champs- DH quali results

This is what we heard for DH seeding, not official.
1. Sam Hill
2. Kovarik
3. Shawn O'connor
4. Josh Button
5. Rhys Willemse
11. Rhys Atkinson

Aus Natl Champs- S.A.

Australian National Championships are going down this weekend in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Internet radio

Supercross online suckered us into buying the Live! audio web package -Supercross Live!. Thx to AMA@thewire We had sound + laptimes, which is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but not quite as good as being there. Fans were loving it though, had a little listening party at the house, sounded like an awesome race between Stewart and Dungey!! www.supercrossonline.com. . Gotta wait to see it, for now...

SX this weekend

Anaheim 1 this weekend. I think this is the best time of year to be a fan; Supercross starting up, Lakers are already into it, and of course DH ski racing and all the qualifying for Vancouver. Selection for olympics finishes on Jan 25th, so we will all know who has made it by then. Word. For now, SX will be an exciting opening round.

Transition Race Team!!!

Been hard keeping this under wraps, but Bryn and I joined forces with Transition Bicycles for 2010!! Sooo stoked!! Check out the press release....

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New Years comes a Day earlier here in Aussie land. Already in the thick of it:) Hope everyone had a happy holiday season!

Red Bull- UNDER MY WING...

Went down the mountains yesterday to check out Luke Madill's- Red Bull Under My Wing event. For those of you who don't know,,, Luke is an Australian BMX champion, fellow Olympian, talented rider, etc. And Red Bull Under My Wing is sort of a mentorship program to help the youth of the sport get a taste of professional sport and learn from the best- Red Bull Athletes. Such an awesome thing to do for kids, and since Luke has replica Olympic track in his back yard and the only Supercross ramp in Australia, he was a perfect host...

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Good Luck Palmer!!

Boardercross (SBX) qualifiers are happening this weekend in Colorado. Fingers crossed for Palmer- He was 17th at the first event in Chapelco, Argentina, I think. In it to win it, get some!! Sat Dec 19- results here


Race results from TAS

Word on the street is that the Tassie track was nice n dry, little blown out, but running fast. Jr. Atkinson had a smooth run for 6th. Also good to see Amiel back out and racing DH after a year-long hiatus spent racing enduros on a dirtbike:) Ben Cory took the victory, nice one.

Elite Male- DH RESULTS

1 43 Cory, Ben 3:17.99 3:13.55
2 2 Cavalier, Amiel 3:17.87 3:14.13
3 54 Boyer, Rick 3:19.45 3:14.96
4 40 Rischbieth, Will 3:16.99 3:15.09
5 3 O'Connor, Shaun 3:19.44 3:15.62
6 4 Atkinson, Rhys 3:23.00 3:16.24

Elite Female
1 1 Douglas, Leigh 4:11.48 4:01.65
2 7 Lewis, Emma 4:40.37 4:32.53
3 6 Booth, Sarah 4:45.71 4:33.16

Full Results
TAZ Results

Tasmania- AUS National RD.1

TAS, AUS Just sending good luck to Bryn's little bro Rhys , and crew, who are in Hobart, Tasmania racing the first round of the Australian series this weekend!! www.tasbikepark.com

Dec 12 -AUS National#1 Glenorchy, TAS
Jan 12 - AUS National Championships Eagle Park, SA
Jan 23 - AUS National #2 - Shepparton, VIC
Feb 13 - AUS National #3 Thredbo, NSW
Mar 13 - AUS National #4 Stromlo Forest Park, ACT

US Olympic Snowboard uniform

Pretty sweet Olympic uniforms coming out of the burton camp. snowboard-mag.com

NZ National DH Calendar

New Zealand National Series.
Save these 2010 dates, New Zealand will open your eyes... It's summer in the southern hemisphere. I personally have never been to the National rounds there, raced Worlds in 2006 in Rotorua though. Know a lot of people who attend. Might hit one up possibly. It's not on the list here but Queesntown is supposed to be a MTB paradise:).

RaboPlus NZ MTB Cup, Downhill
#1 Christchurch Jan 8/9
#2 Dunedin Jan 16/17
#3 Nelson Jan 23/24
#4 Rotorua Feb 5/6
#5 Tauranga Feb 12/13
#6 Rotorua Feb 20/21

RaboPlus Ntl. MTB Championships
Wellington, Feb 26-3/1

UCI Oceania MTB Championships
Dunedin, March 18-21st

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Red Bull Illume- Photo contest

Rad to see the Red Bull Illume is back!!. The final book from a couple years ago was amazing. The Illume is an action sports photography contest showcasing the globe’s very best action and adventure sports images and honoring the photographers behind them.

Contest is open from October 1, 2009 until February 28, 2010 and can be submitted online. The categories are culture, playground, energy, spirit, close up, wings, sequence, new creativity, experimental and illumination.

The overall winner of the 2010 Red Bull Illume Image Quest will receive a Leica S2 camera and equipment to the value of €30,000. But it won't be easy....