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U.S 4x Nationals (by bryn)

Last night was good, tight racing, and I say truthfully that the crowd was rad!! There was a beer garden on the hill, a killer announcer, tons of people cheering, and racing under lights, which really enhanced the show.

Jill smashed the girls, Winning another National Championship, first big title on the Little Intense and Crankbrothers Wheels, she qualified like 6 seconds in front of Buhly, and I think top 10 in the mens.. Her 951 is in the Sprinter, We are going to build it up next week, and get her on it in Whistler. DH.

In the Mens racing Mitch 'sorry I couldn't pronounce or spell his last name' was looking solid all practice, taking a win in the final narrowly avoiding a take out move from J.D, the Kid is fast, he's only 17 too.. This is a good thing for for U.S racing, we will see him try the World Cup scene next week in Quebec.

All you need to know is the pit's were full and there was a crowd, the announcer was freekin' hilarious. pretty exciting to see the sport on the up. Don't really know why they didn't use the big drop for the men's side, think a few people flipped over the gate. 10 foot drop from a gate malfunction is not really worth it, seemed like a few people were upset about the decision. Lotta work went into building that platform, but so it goes.

Jill won $80 for her victory, But a title is a title, and she was really happy to represent her country for her 4th US mountain bike championship.

We are about to leave Sol Vista in a few minutes here, to pick up on of my good buddies from Australia, Dennis Bear, straight up, He is a champ, and is our new team support for the next couple of races. Should be a blast having him around!

Local favorite Ross "The Crusher" Milan was riding awesome, just not his luck. Think he was one of the victims of the gate not dropping on the drop. Think 5th?

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