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Giant slalom finals

Pretty much prime conditions last night for slalom. The course got a more fun as the night progressed, dried out, knew each lane a little faster.

Top qualifiers ended up in the final, Lopes Vs. Rando, and Me vs Ragot. In the end lopes and I took the victories:) There was nothing super technical on this course to separate people, mostly good cornering and sprinting, but the top guys were all pretty close and had some tight battles. In the men's final, The first run was tight, but the second and final run rando unclipped out of the start and cased the first step up, which left a pretty easy win for Lopes. Good crowds though. It's rad how many different events there are here. I have done 3, but I suppose could have done 6 or 7 if I was keen for it.

What was super rad in the women's racing, is that Leigh Donavan came out to ride for fun, and did really well. She was my first coach back in 2003 at the end of her career, and now a mom and Boutique shop owner. Leigh is a really positive champion to have in the sport, I quite enjoyed having her out there to ride with:)

She rocked up on a long travel bike, so we modified bryn's little 4" Intense tazer, and she took it all the way to 3rd place on the podium:) So funny, still has the killer race instincts,, she hadn't jumped this double all practice, but knew Fee could do it, so in her first match up race vs fee, Leigh busted out the double and took the win, doing what she needed to win. Love that.

Anyway, all the racing is finished for me. 2 Wins and a silver. Just gonna keep training for worlds and watch the Slopestyle contest tonight. Good times.

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